JOpt.SDK/JOpt.NET version history

JOpt.SDK 1.0.0 Sun, Apr 2nd 2006 08:37 Release focus: Initial announcement
JOpt.SDK 1.0.0.e Wed, Apr 5th 2006 13:33 Changes: This release adds JavaDoc, examples (source code), and a free evaluation download.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.1 Sun, Apr 9th 2006 07:32 Changes: It is now possible to pass a real distance matrix (e.g. from an external GIS tool) to the optimizer instead of working with linear distances.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.2 Sun, Apr 23rd 2006 09:51 Changes: Support for properties to access the behavior of the algorithm's fitness function was added.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.3 Fri, Apr 28th 2006 17:01 Changes: added property to have a different interpretation for the distance matrix (i.e travel time instead of spatial distance)
JOpt.SDK 1.0.4 Mon, May 8th 2006 08:17 Changes: This release adds support for individual vehicle speed profiles.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.5 Wed, May 17th 2006 08:10 Changes: This version adds capacity and load control to the optimization by introducing respective capacity and load vectors for each resource and node. In order to plan pick up and delivery relations, the algorithm has been extended to support a predefined order of dedicated route stops. Total route time is once again properly calculated when planning with linear spatial distances.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.6 Thu, Aug 17th 2006 15:02 Changes: This version adds the actual driving time to each node after completion of the optimization run.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.7 Mon, Oct 16th 2006 16:23 Changes: This version adds a live cost function and live distance to the optimization progress callback. Furthermore convergency of the costfunction has been introduced to serve as an additional stop criteria.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.8 Mon, Nov 6th 2006 20:08 Changes: This version adds support for multiple timewindows and weekly scheduling problems. In addition the algorithm has been optimized to avoid local optima and a major bug with the working time constraints has been fixed.
JOpt.SDK 1.0.9 Mon, Nov 13th 2006 15:08 Changes: With this version a problem with the maximum working times has been fixed. Maximum working times are now considered according to the [jOptWeightRouteTime] property that has been introduced for that purpose. In addition route violations are now flagged (e.g. working time exceeded).
JOpt.SDK 1.1.0 Fri, Nov 24th 2006 22:08 Changes: Support for Google Maps has been introduced.
JOpt.SDK 1.1.1 Performance Update Thu, Dec 28th 2006 15:08 Changes: Release 1.1.1 will bring a significant performance enhancement and reduces calculation times by 75% according to DNA's internal benchmarks.
JOpt.SDK 1.1.2 Wed, Jan 11th 2007 17:08 Changes: Release 1.1.2 adds support for Open Routes. Planning can now be performed in two modes: 'closed routes' mode, where the resource returns to its depot after completion of the route and 'open routes' mode, where the resource stays at the last stop after completion of the route.
JOpt.SDK 1.1.3 Mon, Jan 29th 2007 9:00 Changes: Release 1.1.3 adds support for Long Distance Routes. Planning can now be performed on a weekly basis including overnight stays. Having the WEEKLY Schedule property set, JOpt automatically adds overnight stays alongside the schedule wherever required.
JOpt.SDK 1.1.4 Fri, Feb 09th 2007 21:00 Changes: The algorithm has been significantly improved in order to avoid local optima by using a modified optimization strategy.
JOpt.SDK 1.1.5 Thu, Feb 22th 2007 09:00 Changes: Fixed the "Blank-Day" problem associated with the multiple days planning strategy. Blank days will now be skipped by the algorithm.
JOpt.SDK 2.0.0 Thu, Apr 11th 2007 14:00 Changes: Reorganized API offers unique access to different planning modes:
1.) Daily scheduling
2.) Arbitrary timespan with Day-By-Day planning
3.) Arbitrary timespan with continous schedules containing overnight stays.
JOpt.SDK 2.0.5 Thu, Jun 21th 2007 09:21 Changes:
1.) Support for maxDaily and maxWeekly working times added
2.) Capacity control now supports inititalLoad and weightingFactor
3.) Servicetimes may now comprise several days at one node
JOpt.SDK 2.0.6 Mon, Sept 10th 2007 07:38 Changes:
Release 2.0.6 will bring a significant performance enhancement through refined algorithms and reduces calculation times by 68% compared to version 2.0.5.
JOpt.SDK 2.0.7 Sun, Nov 11th 2007 22:05 Changes:
Upon several requests Release 2.0.7 adds a TimeMatrix to the optimizer in order to respect real driving distances rather than distance/speed calculation. Further a problem in combination with Example06 (Multiple day schedules) has been fixed.
JOpt.SDK 2.0.8 Sun, Nov 25th 2007 17:00 Changes:
With 2.0.8 it is now possible to define individual time matrix factors for each resource. Compared to revision 2.0.7 this allows for individual speed profiles instead of only one general speed profile as introduced in 2.0.7. Furthermore, additional best practices examples have been added to the evaluation kit.
JOpt.SDK 2.0.9 Tue, Dec 11th 2007 00:00 Changes:
This version adds support for node priorities. Node priorities define whether any given timewindow for that respective node is a hard or a soft constraint.
JOpt.SDK 2.1.0 Wed, Jan 8th 2008 23:16 Changes:
This version adds support for preselected resources at dedicated nodes. Documentation has been improved. A problem with late arrivals has been solved.
JOpt.SDK 2.1.1 Sun, Mar 16th 2008 16:11 Changes:
Version 2.1.1 adds support for periodic jobs by adding a visitation frequency api.
JOpt.SDK 2.2.0 GREEN Sun, Apr 1st 2008 13:23 Changes:
V2.2 GREEN enables assessment and optimization of CO2 emission & energy efficiency
JOpt.SDK 2.2.1 Fr, Apr 25th 2008 18:14 Changes:
V2.2.1 adds a load based fuel consumption matrix in order to support a more realistic truck model.
JOpt.SDK 2.2.2 Wed, Jul 2nd 2008 17:00 Changes:
added problem specific logic to the core algorithm which dramatically speeds up the algorithm.
JOpt.SDK 2.2.3 Wed, Jul 23rd 2008 20:00 Changes:
added KML file export in order to import and view the optimization result in Google Earth.
JOpt.SDK 2.2.4 Wed, Jul 30th 2008 11:19 Changes:
Added an API to retrieve the waiting time at tour stops in case of early arrivals. Cleaned up the IScheduledNode interface.
JOpt.SDK 2.2.6 Mon, Nov 10th 2008 22:30 Changes:
added an additional construction algorithm in order to better (= faster) cope with heterogenous fleet problems
JOpt.SDK 2.2.7 Thu, Nov 27th 2008 18:25 Changes:
The assisted mode has become the default case. The algorithm has been improved to address a broad range of problem types and the optimization now always starts with a construction algorithm to create initital solutions. After that the initial solution is subsequently improved by a second algorithm. Also added timewindow support to the mixed fleet construction algorithm.
JOpt.SDK 2.2.8 Tue, Jan 26th 2009 20:25 Changes:
improved the assisted mode performance for mixed fleets. Removed a problem with the load balancing of resources.
JOpt.SDK 2.3.0 Fri, Feb 13th 2009 10:14 Changes:
Added additional callback routine for error reporting and fixed a problem that occurred in combination with large cost values
JOpt.SDK 2.3.1 Wed, Mar 25th 2009 22:03 Changes:
A compacting factor has been introduced for multiple day schedules in order to compact routes at the beginning of the planning period and prefer early time windows compared to late time windows. In addition departure times are now also available in normal planning mode.
JOpt.SDK 2.3.2 Mon, Apr 20th 2009 18:33 Changes:
Added another planning mode - the Strict Mode. In Strict Mode JOpt will only schedule as many nodes as it can without causing a violation. All other nodes remain unscheduled and are returned as unassigned nodes.
JOpt.SDK 2.3.3 Mon, Jun 1st 2009 17:10 Changes:
Extended the Strict Mode towards Multidepot Problems. In Strict Mode JOpt will only schedule as many nodes as it can without causing a violation. All other nodes remain unscheduled and are returned as unassigned nodes.
JOpt.SDK 2.3.4 Mon, Jun 22nd 2009 20:02 Changes:
Added a new Callback function that allows online monitoring of several different constraint indicators during the optimization process.
JOpt.SDK 2.3.5 Mon, Aug 10th 2009 22:30 Changes:
Added a property to accept EARLY arrivals also in strict mode. Fixed a problem with the Strict Single Depot mode.
JOpt.SDK 2.3.6 Sun, Mar 21st 2010 14:35 Changes:
Generally improved performance of construction algorithm by 50% and performance of improvement algorithm by 10%
Added another planning mode tailored for human PND transportation problems with fixed timewindows
Added a progress callback to assorted construction algorithms
JOpt.SDK 2.3.8 Mon, Jun 7th 2010 20:10 Changes:
Added support for Daily Breaks
Added an 'unload all' node property where the whole current load is unloaded
Added importance to PND construction algorithm
Added explaination component to strict mode to see why specific nodes have been sorted out.
JOpt.SDK 2.4.0 Fri, Jan 28th 2011 23:27 Changes:
Added Interfaces for individual Cost and Distance functions
Added support for EventNodes
Re-worked PND construction algorithm
Added Fuzzy PND construction algorithm
Added support for multiple preferred resources per node
JOpt.SDK 3.0.0 Mon, Feb 28th 2011 21:01 Changes:
Added Support to provide a custom initial solution for further optimization by JOpt
Added Multi Core Support
JOpt.SDK 4.0.0 Mon, August 15th 2011 21:19 Changes:
Implemented up to 3 times faster algorithm by adding ultra fast 3rd optimization stage
Added Support for dotNET 4.0
JOpt.SDK 4.0.6 Fri, January 6th 2012 10:31 Changes:
Added Support for setting Alternate Destinations
Added Support for Predefined Node Positions
JOpt.SDK 4.5.5 Sun, May 20th 2012 21:30 Changes:
Added AutoFilter to filter out violating nodes
Added Support specific settings to handle early arrivals at first node