JOpt Route Planning Demonstrator

The following applet is a simple technical demonstrator to show the principle of the JOpt route optimizer. As JOpt is a very powerful tool with lots of parameters and facilities this demonstrator is not intended to show all the several aspects of JOpt. Also we have used a simplified algorithm for this demonstrator. The productive JOpt route optimizer uses a more sophisticated combination of special meta heuristics accompanied with memetic algorithms in order to find its optimum solution. However, the demonstrator allows you to have an insight into the JOpt function by showing several intermediate iteration results while the algorithm is solving a standard tour optimization problem. We have chosen a single and a two depot tour optimization problem for this demonstration.

Starting with an arbitrary assigment of stops to vehicles and tours, the demo simulates several generations of an evolutionary process, sorting out any individuum that does not satisfy the given constraints (e.g. timeslots & skills) while propagating all promising candidates. Throughout permanent evolution and adequate selection each generation is consecutively adapted to the given problem. While generations come and go you will notice a steady cost reduction and a heading towards an optimum solution with regards to the goals given.


First you want to press start to begin a new optimization run. On the right pane you then see a snapshot of the optimization result at the current stage. On the left pane you see the succession of the tour stops together with the visit times in brackets. In addition the total cost and each constraint violation (e.g. late arrival) is listed. On the bottom you can see the progression of the cost function. You can either pause and continue the evolution at any stage or you choose to reset the solution and start a new optimization run.

Watch out for updates on this site

In order to give you more insight into the JOpt components, we are constantly improving and extending this demonstrator to incorporate more different classes of problems which will allow you to find out more about the flexibility and usability of JOpt for different kinds of problems. We are further steadily improving the interaction facilities of this demonstrator for you to discover how different planning parameters and goals will affect solution results.